T H E  A R T   O F   U R I   D O W B E N K O  -  C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

Artist-Author & Publisher Uri Dowbenko was born in Chicago in 1951 to Ukrainian parents who came to America after surviving the Nazi German and Soviet Russian onslaughts. Raised in Western Pennsylvania, his artistic and writing career began in high school, when he founded an unsanctioned politically incorrect newspaper called “The Lamb,” an alternative to the official school paper called “The Ram.” He went to school at Case Western Reserve University (4 semesters)  and the University of Vienna in Austria (1 semester). At age 19 he took an “early retirement,” rounding out his education by taking a cross-country journey across Europe and Africa – from Egypt to East Africa, then to Senegal, which took a year to complete. He says that now he has the rest of his life to work — a joke that has come true…

In 1973 he moved to San Francisco and attended the San Francisco Art Institute for three months, even though he considers himself a self-taught artist. He then worked at the School of Holography, where he became a holography instructor and was involved in producing many of the first white light and multiplex holograms ever made. His “Exhibit of White Light Holograms“ (three-dimensional photographic images made with lasers and mirrors) was shown at Foothill College, San Jose State University, California Institute of the Arts, and Seattle Art Museum.

Dowbenko’s book “Homegrown Holography: How to Make Holograms in Your Own Low Cost Studio” (1976, Watson Guptill) was one of the first practical handbooks on the art and science of holography ever published.

In 1987 he moved to Montana, where he continued his advertising, marketing and publicity business, commuting to Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area to meet with clients.

Dowbenko’s writing includes hundreds of articles, movie reviews, interviews and investigative writing pieces for Fortean Times, Nexus Magazine, New Dawn Magazine, Paranoia Magazine, Steamshovel Press, Media Bypass Magazine, National Review, Spotlight, Nationalist Times, Chronicles Magazine, Nitro News, etc. He is considered one of Alternative Media’s foremost writers and media analysts and a distinctive voice of modern American journalism.

In 2000, he became the founder of Alternative Media websites — Conspiracy Planet, Al Martin Raw, Steamshovel Press and Conspiracy Digest, as well as the founder and publisher of National Liberty Press, which has published The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider by Al Martin.

Described as one of the “hottest books in print,” The Conspirators” by government whistleblower Al Martin is a memoir and a firsthand account of his experiences with the Bush Cabal, most notably his former associates, Oliver North and General Richard Secord. Nexus Magazine has hailed the book as a “sensational expose” and it has been called a “tour de force” by Eye Spy Magazine.

Dowbenko’s book, “Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy,” has been described as “Compelling” and “Well sourced, packed with new revelations.” His latest book called “Hoodwinked: Watching Movies With Eyes Wide Open,” is a collection of the most politically incorrect movie reviews ever published.

In the meantime, Dowbenko had become so frustrated by the unfulfilled potential of holography as an art medium that he took an artistic hiatus for more than 20 years. That has now ended.

“Metaphysical Landscapes” was a collection of visionary abstract images, including paintings, drawings, and a limited edition of original fine art lithographs (signed and numbered) called “Portals of Light.”

Now that the spiritual quest has become a common metaphor for life itself, Dowbenko’s art can be seen as a meditation and a visual representation of other dimensions. He calls his art “Metaphysical Art 2.0″ — not to be confused with the misnamed so-called “metaphysical art”of Giorgio de Chirico.

Uri Dowbenko is a member of the National Arts Club and the Author’s Guild.

His paintings  are in the collections of –

* Roy and Lea Black

* Louise Blouin

* Asher Edelman

* Mike Sitrick



2003 Nikolai Gallery, New York City

2004 Anthem Gallery, New York City

2004 Red Raven Gallery, Big Sky, Montana

2007 Fountain Art Fair, New York City

2008 Artist Residency -  Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant – Santa Fe Art Institute

2008 Bridge Art Fair, Miami Beach

2012 Mosa Gallery, Miami




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