People ask me — Uri, why do you paint? “Because I want to see something I have never seen before. I want the painting to always look like it’s moving even though it’s a ‘stationary’ painting.”


These paintings are the records of memories exploded and collapsed. They spiral in and out of sight. They are like neural maps and flow charts of simultaneous events and dimensions. They are a challenge to the status quo of minimalism, cynicism and all around pointlessness which is the dominant culture on Planet Earth.

The work of the artist is the integration and exposition of multiple realities beyond the vision of consensus reality, past the boundaries of time and space into the domain of Truth and Light.


The process of painting itself may actually facilitate the retrieval of past memories, as well as revelations or knowledge stored in the archives and libraries of other dimensions.

The purpose of my art is to transform the world.


My work explores the concept of multiple dimensions, which we encounter during our journey through life.

These images are an evocation of lost memories, as well as the hidden history which each of us contains, in this, the latest incarnation of the multi-dimensional eternal beings we are, living life on Earth.

From lifetime to lifetime (and even in the same life-span), memories fade from consciousness as we move forward in our spiritual evolution and the fulfillment of our being.

The paintings evoke the metaphysical cartography of multiple planes and dimensions, which co-exist at different frequencies throughout the universe. They also show the organic level of consciousness — growing, decaying, and being reborn, the rising and sinking of continents and the ever-changing patterns of energy, which underlie what we call physical reality.

The very essence of my work is to chronicle the movement of energy. These paintings imply meditation and contemplation during creation. They can be considered as maps of consciousness and the different planes or frames of reality. They are landscapes of other dimensions.

The work is also about transformation and the discovery of new realities, the energy patterns of light at the quantum level, from the cosmic to the sub-microscopic level. Since everything is moving energy, these images reflect the seeming chaos and order of worlds without end. They are sense impressions of the invisible worlds just beyond everyday awareness.


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